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    Why We Don’t Accept Insurance

    While we do not accept insurance directly, we can provide a detailed invoice called a superbill which you can submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement. This document includes all necessary information for potential insurance claims and refunds. Below we will give more insight on why we don’t accept insurance!

    1. Prioritizing the well-being of our clients

    At our core, we are dedicated to delivering premium care to every one of our clients. We prioritize putting your needs first, ensuring that we provide the best service tailored specifically to each individual.

    2. Privacy and confidentiality

    Insurance companies often require detailed information about a client’s diagnosis and treatment, compromising the confidentiality of the therapeutic relationship.

    3. Less administrative burdens

    Dealing with insurance companies often involves a significant administrative load. From verifying coverage to handling claims and paperwork, it can be time-consuming. We want out time and energy poured into our clients!

    4. Flexibility in services

    By not being bound by insurance regulations, we can offer a wider range of therapeutic techniques or modalities that might not be covered by insurance. Ensuring you can be equipped with the best possible care!

    5. Avoiding limitations to treatment

    Insurance companies might limit the number of sessions or require pre-authorization for treatment, which could interfere with the therapy process. We want to give our clients the best treatment possible without limitations!