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Our Story

After working with group practices for several years, Adam Calvert wanted to “hang his own shingle”. His wife, Mandy Calvert had recently retired from her family business and was ready for a new adventure. So, in 2016 Adam and Mandy started Calvert + Associates. Beginning this business at our Mountain Brook location with Mandy working from home, they both quickly realized their heart for this company. With a gift for being intentional and personable with every client, Adam has a keen ability to connect. We believed in creating an environment that allowed us to put the correct time and resources into each and every individual that walked through our doors. With this mentality, initial connections quickly built into lasting relationships. We are fond of the lasting imprint that personalized care has had on our company, resulting in hundreds of clients that we work alongside.

Continuing this vision, Calvert + Associates has grown to consist of four counselors, one intern and a life coach. Each and every employee came to be a member of this team in an organic way. We believe that each and every one of our staff members does a wonderful job of making each client feel seen and heard. Within this 6-member team, a unique set of skills has been established and provided through Calvert + Associates. We are qualified to care for a wide array of services to individuals seeking help. This team has become a family, and we value a collaborative process of walking alongside you in this journey towards a healthier you. We would love you to join our family and begin your process towards growth! 

Our Philosophy

Our company is an advocate for the client. With personalized care that targets your unique journey, we are able to access each individual’s needs and how best to accommodate them. Our staff strives towards authenticity in all their client interactions. We are here to help you grow and offer opportunities for change targeting new patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving. We believe in walking towards healing together, for we are all broken people looking for some hope. Through honest communication, our services can help client’s experience breakthroughs in their lives. You can locate the array of services we offer and find what best fits your needs.

Meet our Team