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Partner Betrayal

Struggling with learning how to trust again? Wanting so desperately to repair your relationship back to where it used to be, but feeling helpless in this attempt. Even after couples change their actions and take the first step to repairing a relationship, there are lasting impacts to that feeling of betrayal. Addressing this lasting imprint is of the utmost importance in recognizing changed behavior by both partners. The process of healing from partner betrayal trauma must be very intentional and desired by both partners. 

Trauma can occur from: 

  • Spousal neglect
  • Cheating
  • Infidelity
  • Dishonesty
  • Deception
  • Relationship Betrayal
  • Rejection

After experiencing unfaithfulness there is a lack of confidence that is associated with one’s partner. When this isn’t acknowledged properly, a marriage will begin to suffer with no growth towards a healthier future. You can begin to feel certain areas of your life start to change when this trauma you’ve experienced is not being addressed properly. It will take a toll on you emotionally, spiritually, socially, physically, sexually, and financially

The purpose of partner betrayal therapy is to restore that confidence in your partner and create healthy communication that will allow for healing and growth. It’s important to address both the betrayal that occurred and the lasting effects of this event. The trauma that will surface due to partner betrayal will change who you are, comparatively from before. Therefore, you will also experience a personal and unique journey to recovery as well as your partner. 

Starting that recovery journey through partner betrayal trauma counseling sessions can be your first step to understanding your unique situation. This trust that was once broken can be renewed through major changes that you and your partner will make together. Let us walk with you during this sensitive time and help begin this process towards healing and rebuilding your relationship.