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Brain Spotting

What is Brain spotting? 

This can be described as a process of information retrieval that locates unprocessed trauma in the subcortical brain. This initiates the removing of unwanted emotional distress that has it’s lingering affect. This brain-based tool taps into the body’s process to naturally self-scan and self-heal. By locating which brain spots are being stimulated through the use of relevant eye positions, therapists are able to locate the source of the problem. The motto for this therapy style is “Where you look affects how you feel”. This method can locate where you are holding trauma and through professional competency can offer professionals a blueprint towards healing.

Should I be interested in Brain Spotting? 

This method of therapy can be for anyone. It is effective for individuals addressing trauma, as well as those looking to improve performance such as sports enhancement. The goal of Brain Spotting is to go beyond conscious thinking and to access both the brain and body to get to the deeper more emotional processes. Many individuals will experience the emotional toll that trauma can take on your body, while not fully understanding why they are experiencing these intense emotions. This method can aid in retrieving information that might once have been forgotten. Pushing difficult events out of a person’s conscious thinking can be a defense mechanism, but allowing situations to go unprocessed can harm an individual overtime and begin to affect their relationships. 

If you are looking to try therapy for the first time and are unsure of what problems you most prominently need to discuss, Brain Spotting can offer a kick start to your counseling journey. This does not have to be an intimidating method of information retrieval, but rather a very resourceful tool that many therapists are utilizing with their clients. 

Each and every professional that uses Brain Spotting is required to go through training. If you are looking for more information discussing Brain Spotting you can navigate this website.